Coming from a backward tribe Dotani of South Waziristan, having more than 7 years experience in digital media and radio broadcasting.

My Story

Coming from a poor family of a backward tribe, I got my early education in sciences, which my parents compelled for. After completing my bachelor degree I went back to my village and started teaching in a local school and social activism to help others in educating their children.

During the time, I was elected as ‘press secretary’ of the student-wing of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) for two years. I resigned from the position due some serious differences with the JUI.

In 2010, I went to Islamabad, joined a local radio station. In 2012, I got a scholarship for master degree and studied Mass Communication (media studies) in the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad.

Later on, I started my own news & media organization (online) in 2013, featuring the tribal areas of Pakistan and Pak-Afghan border.

I'm on a mission to reach out the tribal areas and rural KP, – to teach digital, and bring people the power to get out of the darkness.

An IVLP Alumnus​

In 2015, I was selected by the US Department of State for the ‘International Visitor Leadership Program’ (IVLP) — a multi-regional program (MRP).

In September 2015, I visited U.S. under the theme ‘Information and Communication Technologies in the U.S’, along with young leaders and digital professionals from 13 countries across the world.

We have visited different US media and IT organizations, universities and government offices in Washington DC, New York, Florida and California.

I am proudly, a part of the Pakistan-U.S Alumni Network (PUAN) Pakistan’s largest network of more than 25,000 leaders including students, graduates, professionals, teachers, scholars, journalists, artists and all other professional and academia fields.

A Broadcaster

Having more than 7-year record of commended performance as a radio host, producer and scriptwriter, – I develop and design radio programs and produce multipurpose radio content.

I hosted multi-topic and multi-format radio shows on current affairs, youth shows, Pashto literature, social issues and special shows for the IDPs and war-troubled tribal areas.

I exclusively covered the comprehensive military operation Zarb-e-Azb. I lived with the IDPs and worked with Pakistan Army (ISPR) based at Bannu and North Waziristan for 10 month, soon after the operation was launched.

“Ghazal Zar” was the most famous show I hosted for more than 5 years, – featuring Pashto literature and poetry.