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Strategist, speaker, thinker & trainer in digital marketing & social media management, – blogger, editor & podcaster in online media, – and producer, broadcaster & scriptwriter in radio, – with over 9 years of professional experience.

Services I provide
  • web-design
    Website Design & develop
    Develop & design professional websites for companies, organizations, institutions, individuals and other purposes.
  • smartphone
    Digital Marketing
    Provide Digital Marketing Services and Strategies to Small Businesses & Organizations. I support Entrepreneur & non-profit NGOs.
  • social-media
    Social Media Management
    Design campaigns & manage overall social media for clients seeking more customers & followers.
  • digital-marketing
    Travel Blogging
    Create SEO-focused, high quality travel blogs & vlogs. Either based at office or travel with your tourism team.
  • online-education
    Freelance Content Creation
    Creating SEO-focused blogs, delivers high-quality content to deadlines, strives for perfection, and works off feedback.
  • live
    Professional Live Streaming
    Professional live-streaming using all modern tools to double your audience and impact, for events and individual shows.
  • strategy
    Digital Training
    Producing citizen journalists, digital activists and Contributing to dozens of voluntary and educational projects.
  • laptop
    Media Production
    With over 5 years of experience in production, I produce high quality audio & video content for my clients.

Read in details

I am an Expert WordPress Developer and Professional Web Designer with over 4 years of working experience in developing professional websites. I have developed websites using PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Bootstrap and HTMl5.

I specialize in best practice front end development; This covers web design including Content Management System integration, Website accessibility, and usability. I have extensive experience managing large scale internet projects and can assist with consultancy, technical document creation, wire frame creation, supplier identification and management and project management.

I have optimized websites using various on-page and off page techniques, including the development and optimization of keywords and white hat link building.

Digital & Social Media Marketing & Management

Digital marketing is the new era marketing. Any and every business needs this social media marketing in order to reach a bigger and better audience. Digital marketing is the leading lead generation tool. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google – now most important WhatsApp (business) should be the first marketing investment for any business in order to thrive in the business world.

I provide the services to and help companies, organizations, groups and individuals who find it difficult to manage your social media while conducting everything else they need to do as a large or small business owner.

Is it hard to decide what topics to include or which social channels you should employ in order to build relationships with your target audience? — Are you struggling to define who your target audience even is?

If the same case is with you or your business, — we should talk! I have been managing huge number of audiences for my clients across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This includes regularly checking and responding to other’s posts, moderating where necessary, and engaging to grow relationships with our audience.

I would love to be part of your history as you transition from the traditional marketing tools to digital marketing and witness as your business graphs take a turn to all-time highs.

My focus is on creating marketing collateral and social media graphics/management, but I am also able to create anything from logos, business cards and stationary to website and app designs.

I am a full-time professional content writer & editor, creating SEO-focused blogs, delivers high-quality content to deadlines, strives for perfection, and works off feedback. Since 2013, I am running my own blogs and websites, and create, design and blogs and websites for others.

If truth be told, I’m new to travel writing or travel blogging – that’s why I want to work for free for my first 5 clients.

Since the start of 2019, I’m a new but professional travel writer/blogger and an experienced copywriter.

The writing is simply my way of sharing my experience and knowledge with any travel/tourism agency or organization which may find it useful.

Besides this all, in our modern world of SEO-optimized and digital marketing oriented content is the key to success.

It’s completely new marketing – grabbing audience and customers through professional live streaming. It includes, ‘call to action’, organization’s logos, titles and sub-titles in a simultaneously in a single live-stream.

Mixing multiple cameras, high quality voices, musical sounds and pre-recorded audios as well as short breaks in a single live-stream like pro, – are my expertise.

Besides this, I am also one of the first Pakistan’s Podcast editors and producers with a recorded experience of over 5 years in radio.

Take the right decision, and save time, money and hassles.

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theDotani.com is a multi-topic and multilingual blog founded by Raza Dotani, featuring digital marketing, social media management, new media tools, technology, youth opportunities, independent blogs, online shows and podcasts in English, Urdu and Pashto languages.

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